****2020 STRAY KAT 500 (UPDATE)****

 I have had a lot of questions about this years show. We have been praying that everyone will be protected the next few weeks. The only way the SK500 will be canceled if we are told by the local government. We host a family event and it has to be safe for everyone. We will not jeopardize one person's health in order to have the show. I have been watching what others are doing and we will make the decision the first week in April....... 

If you have any more questions just let me know.  

We love "real" Kustoms and Hot Rods. We believe guys are getting tired of going to just another show, so we focus on trying to create a relaxing, laid back atmosphere where you can meet new friends and talk about Kustoms and Hot Rods. We have trophies but they go to the Koolest not the most money spent or the over baby'd. We believe in having fun and enjoying our hobby without the stress of competition. Our shows you will see more then just kool vehicles. We believe the importance of entertaining the whole family. You will hear kool music, see talented artist, Kool antique stores and meet a lot of kool people. 

Happy Trails, Mick

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