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What is going on? 

I've had numerous guys ask where are the SKK going this weekend.  Not everyone is on social media, so I'm going to use this page to let ya know what is going on.  We will show you what we are up to and what Kool events are going on. Also will be posting some event highlights of shows that we participated. Looking forward to developing this page and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Kurt McCormick's kool collection

Kool video thanks to Not Stock Photography

Gathering at the Roc 2020

Lot of weird things that we will never forget about 2020.  The koolest thing that happened this year was the birth of The Gathering at the Roc.  Fantastic new show that was held on the grounds of the  Woolaroc Museum. The Museum is 12 miles west of Bartlesville, Ok.  The event attract cars from all over the USA from Arizona to Maryland. I found this video from Spanky's Garage on YouTube. It will give you an idea what you missed.  I'll post dates of the 2021 show as soon as I get them.  Be sure to add this to your "I have to go to" list.   

Road trip to The Gathering 

Lot of guys missed getting on the road this year. David Root captured what guys will go through to enjoy our hobby. Great guys, driving kool Hot rods and having fun.

Road trip'n to The Gathering

G Brown posted this kool video of guys traveling through the area. You have your most fun driving your Hot Rod & Kustom