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What is going on? 

Just made a list of some kool events. Lot more events going on, we will just post events that we plan on attending.  Stay tune for future updates. We will still be posting kool videos, event highlights and who knows what else you will see on this page.  

How Traditional Hot Rods were revived. 

A Hot Rod Revolution Ep. 1

The Shifters car club kicked-off a Southern California hot rod revolution in 1992 that changed the world forever. Coker whitewalls, primer paint, early V8 engines, rockabilly music, tattoos and cars all coming out of backyard garages. What started as a grassroots movement found its way onto TV shows, runways and magazine covers all over the world. Today, 30 years later, rat rod is a household word and the Shifters So-Cal are still building traditional hot rods and custom cars that are universally loved.

A Hot Rod Revolution Ep. 2

The Shifters were now a real car club and wherever they went, they caused a scene. Three years in, the revolution of hair grease, cuffed jeans, and loud hot rods was now a ground assault on big-buck billet builds. What had started as a handful of young guys in sketchy Gow jobs terrorizing the sleepy car shows up and down the West Coast had now got the attention of their friends, the Bettie Pagers, the automotive media, and the street rod elite. Plus, in this second video in the series, meet Frank; The Shifters’ best listener.

A Hot Rod Revolution, Episode 3

We find the Shifters on the top of the custom car culture world: For the first time, hot rods were an entire movement, complete with rockabilly music, cuffed jeans, Sailor Jerry tattoos, car club jackets and garages full of vintage speed parts. Shifters-style cars were being built all over America, Europe, Australia, the Far East and South America. And just when everything seemed perfect, tragedy struck. Could the club survive? Were traditional hot rods over? Did the Shifters hang up their iconic red car club jackets?

A Hot Rod Revolution, Episode 4

The Shifters need to find their way back from an incredible tragedy that rocked the very foundation of the hot rod and custom car culture they helped create. Would the club park its hot rods, never to be seen again? Would the TV shows, car shows, and other car clubs forget about the Shifters? Turns out, the Shifters still had a few tricks up their vintage sleeves and some gas in the tank!

2nd Annual

Pre-War Pile Up

June 9 & 10, 2023

Roger's Point Park

Catoosa, OK

Two Tall Okie's

Auto Swap Meet

June 17, 2023

Dewey, OK

43rd Annual


 Lead Sled


July 27, 28, 29 & 30 2023

Salina, KS

More Info

Kool Video of 2022 Events

Travis Scanlan's (aka RoyBoy)  

Kool video coverage of Stray Kat 500