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What is going on? 

Just made a list of some kool events. We will post more events that we plan on attending, so stay tune for future updates. We will still be posting kool videos, event highlights and who knows what else you will see on this page.  

2022 Events

West Coast Kustoms

Newsletter #37

 I had my mind blown when the Stray Kat 500 was featured in the West Coast Kustoms #37 Newsletter. What a great honor. I would like to thank Penny for saving some space for us. And to Thank John D'Agostino for spending the weekend with us in Dewey, Ok. We are very Blessed to have Kustom legends attend our events.

We need to support the organizations that promote our Kustom hobby. For the guys that love print, the Newsletter is worth the time. Check out the link below for the Information.

Again, Thank you Penny, John and to West Coast Kustoms for their help promoting our event. 

It is a Blessing.