Back in the fifties "Lone Wolf" was a popular term meaning you were not associated with a car club. The "Stray Kat" has similarities to the Lone Wolf term. Have you had a real stray cat show up around your house or business? The cat is usually acting kool, doing its own thing. The cat shows some scars (road rash) and just howl'n, prowl'n around. Property owners are usually disgusted with them because they don't understand why the cat is hanging around. The "Stray Kat" I believe best describes today's true Americana Hot Rod and Kustom enthusiasts. A true Hot Rod and Traditional Kustom guys have a tough time being accepted by the typical Car show enthusiasts, because our rides were built for the open road and not just for the show. We build the cars for ourselves and we don't need approval from others. If others don't get it, then it is their problem.  

   The Stray Kat theory came to my mind years ago after leaving a car show. After driving 800 plus miles to the show and getting there late. I drove up to register and they would not take my money. Without an apology, they said that registration had closed and was not able to register any more cars. The guy looked at my Chopped '50 Merc and said you wouldn't like the show anyway. I didn't say a thing turned around and drove off. On the way back to the hotel, I was wondering if I would have been treated that way if I was in an original car, Mustang or Corvette? Huummm. Basically I was not wanted there. Just like that stray cat around some ones house. The owner gets a handful of rocks and runs the cat out of town.

   When I got back home I thought that it would be kool to have a show for the true American Hot Rod and Kustom fan. Where trophies were not the main objective, but trophies would be giving away to the koolest Kustoms & Hot Rods, not the most expensive, babied, cleanest etc., We are not about numbers, we want everyone to have a good time and we have been blessed to be able to host shows that are all about the social side of our Hobby. If your looking for a good time, (That just sounds wrong Lol! ) be sure to check out one of our shows.

Happy Trails, Mick